M & I operates in conjunction with various Australian government agencies in facilitating the distribution of innovative Australian products to international markets.


South Africa is the first country to which we are introducing the revolutionary patent pending Boomer Anchors (see A multi-terrain anchor with a calibratable release mechanism made of electro-polished 316 Stainless steel. Described as the the most advanced fishing boat anchor in the world for vessels under 9m (which makes up the biggest boating market share).

Following its recent introduction, exponential sales are being experience in the Australian marketplace. Interest is also shown from countries

like New Zealand, US and UK.

We are extending this ground level opportunity to resellers who are interested in acquiring stock, and distribution rights.

Resellers will be able to sell the anchor below RSA manufacturing cost (around R 6,200.00 excluding the casting) and well below the cost of import from Australia. Shipping from Australia  comes to around AU$180.00 per anchor which sell for AU$420 in Australia i.e. AU$600.00.


Our retail price for RSA is AU$460.00. 


Our prices are in Australian dollars and the volume discounts for resellers are as follows: -


Single order -        AU$ 360.00

2 - 5 anchors -      AU$ 340.00

5 - 10 anchors -    AU$ 325.00


As a result, depending in volume discounts qualified for resellers can expect margins ranging from R 1,200 to R 1,600 per anchor.


By completing our survey to resellers at you will be entitled to a further  2% discount to any applicable volume discount. 

We are anticipating endorsements from industry associations, media, NSRI, SAMSA and some marine insurers.


This will be a growing market as there are anchors in galvanised steel,  anchors for heavier vessels and even Jetski anchors in the pipeline. 


These anchors are truly the Rolls Royce version of small craft fishing anchors and a lifelong investment. 


Our first production order should be in Cape Town by April/May 2023.


Please let us know what level of pre-order you would like to make as soon as is possible.


Should you wish to place a pre-order now, please download our Pre-order agreement at sign and attach to return email to with details of the deposit made. 


Please do not hesitate to call us on +61452578992 should you have any queries



Kind regards,



Marius, Mick and Izak

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